The financial OS to optimize your business

Payments, banking, international commerce, accounting, borrowing, and reporting all in one place.

Payment method expansion

Businesses are able to accept payments through hundreds of payment methods to ensure customer checkout journeys are optimized.


Dynamic payment routing

Each payment is routed to the most appropriate MID.


Multiple payment channels

Users are able to optimize various payments channels on Staqq such as online, in-store, and e-invoicing to ensure all payment types are efficiently captured.

Multiple MIDs
Businesses operating out of, or accepting payment from multiple jurisdictions can manage several MIDs on Staqq and settle in their preferred currency,

Placement optimization
Whether considered low or high risk, businesses are able to set up MIDs to accept payments on Staqq with ease.

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Account management
Moving beyond single account banking, businesses on Staqq can set up new, additional, bank accounts as well as integrate existing ones on Staqq - all managed from a single platform. 

This applies to both domestic and international accounts, meaning businesses can set up financial operations in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously. 


Effective accounting
Staqq gives businesses the ability to have complete control over their financial operations, from team spending to expenses and more. 


Multi-currency banking
International businesses are able to hold and transact in various currencies at better-than-retail exchange rates.

Foreign currency IBANS
Users are also able to set up and utilise IBANs in a range of currencies to extend the reach of their international business. 


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Easy integrations to optimize your business, whatever you do.

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