Payments built for

modern business

Send money around the world instantly using the real exchange rate.

Unlocking global commerce

Trade across borders without the red tape

Seamlessly expand into new markets by opening currency accounts around the world. Send, hold, and receive money in multiple currencies while avoiding expensive double conversions.

Save on transactions fees

Save on day-to-day expenses and larger transactions. Thanks to our global network of financial institutions, you always get the best FX rates, no matter the transaction size.

Foreign currency transactions

User our global accounts to collect and spend in the same currency as your clients and partners, eliminating unnecessary and expensive conversion fees.

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International payments done differently

At Staqq, we've developed a new payment rail for global payments allowing businesses to make instant and low cost international transactions.

No one has ever said they want to pay their bank more fees! By removing expensive and outdated intermediary banks, Staqq’s users enjoy streamlined, optimized, and efficient cross-border payments that get to the recipient instantly. 

Making and receiving international payments is time-consuming and expensive for businesses. 


Not only does this impact operational efficiency, but also causes supply chain issues.

We’re changing things up.

You send money. 

They Receive it.

It's really that simple. No hidden fees​, no excessive commission for banks you've never heard of,

just a straightforward process to send money internationally. See it in action.

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Make payments in 25+ currencies into over 150 countries

(and counting).

1. Register for free

Sign up online - all you need is an email address.

2. Choose the amount to send

Tell us how much you want to send, we’ll then display fees and expected time of arrival in the recipient’s account.

3. Add recipient's bank details

Fill in your recipient’s bank details. We can request them for you if you don’t know them.

4. Verify your identity

To keep your money secure, we’ll need  a photo of your ID for large transfers, and payments in some currencies.

5. You’re all set!

We’ll handle the rest. Your transfer can be tracked in your account, and we'll also notify the recipient.

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